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[HD DVD] *RDX (2023)* Tamil Audio Movie Added!!
[ReUpload] *Blue Beetle (2023)* Tamil ORG Dubbed Movie Added!!
[HD DVD] *Her - Chapter 1 (2023)* Tamil HD Movie Added!![Rating : 7.2]
[Dub] *Rising Shaolin The Protector (2021)* Tamil HD Movie Added!!
[Web Series] *Vera Maari Office (2023) S01 New Epi's* Tamil Series Added!!
[Must Watch] *7:11 PM (2023)* Tamil HD DVD Movie Added!! [Rating 8.3]
[Web Series] *Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal (2023) S02* New EP's Added!!
[Dub] *Transfusion (2023)* Tamil Dubbed Movie Added!!
[Web Series] *The Wheel of Time (2023) S02EP06* Tamil Audio Series Added!!
[HD DVD] *WEB (2023)* Org HD Quality Movie Added!!
[Dub] *Mythica A Quest for Heroes (2014)* Tamil Bluray Print Movie Added!!
[Dub] *Simmer (2020)* Tamil Dub Movie Added!!
[Dub] *Blue Beetle (2023)* Tamil Line Aud HD Movie Added!!
[Web Series] *Athidhi (2023) S01* Tamil Audio Series Added!!
[HD DVD] *Dinosaurs (DieNoSirs) (2023)* Tamil HD DVD Movie Added!!

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